Sunday, March 12, 2017


It is over 2 weeks now
Pastor Koh hasn't been found
The police have all the clues
But of finding the kidnappers

The reports say of a planned execution
It worked in precision and timing
These organized kidnappers knew
How to do it and get it done quickly!

It is said of the ghost dogs
In the background until they are called
When they barked nobody could escape
They are the organized unit

Pastor Koh's family raised over $100,000/-
One person called for $30,000/-
It didn't make sense in the equation
The kidnappers knew of the offer

Pastor Koh may still be alive
Once crook video taped the episode
They don't want to cause trouble
With death in their hands

But kidnapping is death sentence
The law has been in existence
The kidnappers will face the gallows
The police still waiting for a break through

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