Friday, March 17, 2017

don't walk to the dark

An eye for an eye
The centuries it rules
Even today it hasn't disappeared
It is still playing in our lives

Look at the triad gangs
They will fight and die
Leaving the tears and sorrow
Nothing about tomorrow

Even in families
Some may ask for a pound of flesh
The evil in the mind still rules
Pulling the souls into the darkness

An eye for an eye
Even the law will take souls
Once the death sentence is pronounce
The hangmen will carry it out

The compassion of a law
The lawmakers don't see it
An eye for an eye
Satan always smiles

It is best we let God decide
The punishment of a grave kind
Taking life shouldn't be our rights
We don't create or have it

The compassion should rule
The forgiveness makes a whole
Don't walk to the dark side
Satan always smiles!

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