Friday, March 17, 2017

the sadist party

The sadist party glows
The way of life it shows
Branding its way to gloat it
Its leaders think they are holy

Using religion in politics
It makes the sin harder to forgive
The party leaders can't solve problems
They use religion to camouflage its weaknesses

Oh the sadist party!
The devil always makes you disarray
You don't listen to sound advice
Its leaders think they are holy

The women are equal
Without them the world will be gone
The men will die naturally
Leaving the vacuum can't be filled

But the sadist party
In the mind only thinks of women and sex
Every time it is the punishment for the women
When the women go astray

They will blame the women
Letting men orgle and fall
The men don't blame themselves
They think they are holy!

Satan likes these men
They are the easy pool of sinners
The lake of fire will keep burning
The sun will smile broadly!

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