Saturday, March 18, 2017

the chords on the strings

It takes years to steal
In a fund under a powerful figure
The one who can make all the decisions
Give the fools the crumbs to dance the music

Once it is executed
Everything will fall into it
The games of lies and half truths prevail
The circle of wealth will be distributed

In it more lies will be made
The cyber-troopers will make gains
They don't see the evil in their ways
They will say “ the top is rotten!”

The denials will be in the news
The master crook will deny all links
The game will be played to the hilt
The state fund will be perished

The crooks will be untouchables
They will hide; one or two will make the news
The agencies all seem compromised
This is the game the crooks played

The chords on the strings
It will ring bad noises or tune up melody
There lies the spin or the truth
We have to listen to get the bottom of it

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