Friday, March 10, 2017

babies dumping

The babies dumping
It still never solves the issue
Everyday somewhere someplace
A woman will dump her new born child

She has to carry for 9 months
Feeling the agony hiding her shame
Yet the men who are involved
They aren't there to support

Though half way homes are there
The issue of babies dumping never dies
It is always in the news
And the men always run free!

And the religious officials
Pointing the fingers at the women
Always blaming them for the social ills
They don't say about the men!

God is kind, merciful and compassionate
God never judges a person as He likes
God knows what we do in our lives
The day we were born God knows it all

It is better to show compassion
To the women who fall from grace
It takes two to tango
Don't say the men aren't guilty!

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