Tuesday, March 14, 2017

don't be afraid to rock the boat

Don't be afraid to rock the boat
It has stayed too long on the water
The opportunities to rise
Over the land to make it high

Don't need to listen to the waves
It may splash over and wet along
By the wind cruising at high speed
Laughing at the fools still rowing along

What will it be?
Living on the old boat again?
The new deals on the land
The opportunities to carve a name

The statistics of lies and cheats
The small fishes swim by to say
If you don't rock the boat
You will forever be a small”

Look at the crocodiles on land
They swagger with an attitude
They don't care of the public image
They want to eat it all

Don't be afraid to rock the boat
It's time to dock at the wharf
Get up and make the changes
It will be good for the soul

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