Thursday, March 16, 2017

the change for the nation

The highlights of the good
The publicity blitz begins
The bad intentions put aside
The united front begins the war drums

The cyber-troopers will run
In the internet slowly building it up
The cash to be made to diffuse the lies
The absolute truth they will write

The paid troopers will write on the disarray
The opposition parties aren't in one mind
They seem undecided what to do
They will not hit home on the different issues

The united front leaders will take turn to say
The highlights of the good on display
They will not say about the scandals
They will stay quiet of the elephant in the room

But the opposition leaders still talking
They haven't decided what to do
They have to stay relevant better be quick
Don't try to woo the Trojan Horse it's a waste of time!

It's time to forget the past mistakes
The moon party has been compromise
The money king has made its leaders see stars
Let the moon party bite the dust

The united front will say of the good
The bad will be covered up in every scoop
The opposition better stitched together
Let the moon party bite the dust

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