Thursday, March 09, 2017

don't be the receiving end

He talks so big
When he doesn't get nailed
What will he say?
When he is at the receiving end?

Everyone can play a game
Sitting on the chair playing roulette
When the ball hits the groove
Whose turn to get nailed?

By then crying unfairness
It doesn't cut it
When the deal is concluded
It will be played

Now the carrying placards
They think they are saints
When the hammer drops on them
What will they say?

Talking big is easy
Standing on the stage
Forgetting the basic human needs
Invoking bad law and punishments

Stay a day in prison
Mix with hardcore criminals
Listen to what they have to say
The big talkers will go down on their knees

Talking big is easy
When we don't get the lashes
When the hammer falls on us
Crying unfairness never cut in

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