Tuesday, March 07, 2017

be like lovers be like the wind

A mother and her child
Tied together in death
By the sea leaving their world
A young wife and her young son

She married too young
A flower just bloom in a young age
She got married in 17 or 18 years
She got herself a son

In the short years of married life
She could have felt her worries more
She felt into deep depression
At her young age she couldn't fathom

The married life wasn't bed of roses
With red soft petals softly caressing through
A moment of bliss in time of needs
There is no worry there is companionship

When it is for long term relationship
The roses may turn out to be thorns
Pricking the skin pricking the mind
Slowly it will poke into the realm of reasoning

It is at this time
The porous relationship will not survive
The breakout feeling wanting to surrender
Leave everything behind

When immature still rings
It is best to stay away
Don't get into marriage
Be like lovers be like the wind

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