Monday, March 06, 2017

pastor koh

The precision execution
It took the kidnappers time to plan
They might have known his route
The average time he took it

Pastor Koh was kidnapped
In broad daylight on the street
It was said it took the kindappers
Around 40 seconds to take him away

With CCTV went on viral
The police still haven't found the clues
Where is Pastor Koh now?
Dead or alive in whispering words

The high profile cases
The police can act swiftly
Now with a special team to probe
It has been days since Pastor Koh kidnapping

The candle vigils by supporters
They pray for his safe return
As the days turn into nights
The police have no clues as yet

We know the police
The force can do what it takes
The ghost dogs in our midst
A specialized team running loose?

We pray the police will find him
Catch the well executed kidnappers
Let the people live in confidence
In this trying times of bad luck

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