Friday, August 04, 2017

feeding the stray cats

Once a white ginger cat hangs around
In the morning in the afternoon
Even I chase him away he still returns
Though his home is at the back lane
His master is the Indian fair woman
She keeps and feeds cats and kittens
Though it becomes a problem in the garden
As these cats will poo on the grass
Destroying the grass and its urine smell

One day I decided not to chase the cat
I decided to feed the cat instead
And observe what will happen to the garden
The ginger cat returns happy to have his food
His persistence pays off I might say
Now he has food and water in the shade

In time the cat spreads his words
Many cats start to troop in to have free food
Some will wait for me in the morning
Some will steal it when I am not around
But there will be cat food in the food containers
Any cat can drop in and eat

Though I find less poo in the garden
Feeding the cats may help in some way
Believing the cats will see the difference
They will not poo in the garden
But it isn't 100% the cats will not poo
It still happens occasionally

Now I have become the cat soup kitchen
I buy the cat food and feed them the whole day
I leave the food in the food containers
The cats will stream in one by one
In the morning, afternoon and at night

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