Wednesday, August 02, 2017

the change will rise

The Old Man of 92
Left his party to form a new
He may want to change
The bad things when he was in power

The old karma may have returned
Whispering to his ears to change
Leaving his party was the first in stages
He will struggle to right the wrong

Though others may not agree
The old spots may not change
In reality of the political scenes
He is the best bet beside Anwar Ibrahim

The heartland of the Malays
The Old Man will bring the change
He made them before so he could turn around
The scandals hitting the nation will be his cue

Dr M has his mission
On his age he can't see the retirement
For a cause he believes to help the nation
Once he ruled by “My Way”

Bee Anne has to fall
Pas too will face the drop
Into the same basket
Of race, religion and benefits

These party leaders truly forget
The nation has colorful people
The people have multi-religious faiths
The people have many cultures inter-mix

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