Saturday, August 05, 2017

the light of democracy dies

Why do the appointment at night?
Something isn't right in the nation
Democracy has died in the last flame
Burned out to the money game!

The honesty has died
Swearing to uphold and protect the Constitution
It is just lip service to sit on the chair
Once it is there the dishonour among bad

The last light filters out
Democracy has left the building
It will take a tsunami to right the wrong
It will come in the next election

The judges have reputation to protect
With the Constitution waylaid by the bad
It's time the people rise up to correct the wrong
Vote out Bee Anne for our sake!

The back doors are sealed
MO1 can escape with a smile
But he forgets the wrath of the people
He forgets God is watching his every move

The fall is imminent
Every bad move will face the consequences
Though it looks like the bad is winning
It is the mirage but it isn't an oasis

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