Wednesday, August 02, 2017

the sins in our lives

God is love
God is compassionate
God is kind
God is saving grace

All of us will sin
One way or another in our world
The religious officials should read the scriptures
On the religions each has a faith

Do not stand there and tell
The shallowness of the mind
A child is born innocent
A child doesn't need to carry the sin

The foundation of a marriage is sex
The foundation of love is sex
Any which way we want to look at it
Even thinking of sex is sin!

Every sin is a test of faith
Let the innocent child live free
A child doesn't know the parents love affairs
Out of it a child is born to the sinful world

Some religious officials
They give the wrong approach to life
They think they are sinless in their ways
Mind you it is hard to walk beside God

Compassion is the key to saving grace
Understand the way life has been
The raging hormones attacking the minds
Every young couple will fall into it

Even the old will clamour for the young wives
Thinking they want to be the studs in life
All of us will face the test of our lives and faiths
Don't throw stones when we are sinful in our ways!

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