Wednesday, March 01, 2017

an honest man will not run

An honest man will not run
He will take it up in stride
Facing the bulls on the field
He never fears the unknown
He can stand it up and greet

The other countries are closing in
On the crooks of 1MDB in their books
The lesser known players are fine and jailed
And yet our AG still afraid to bark

He refuses to cooperate
Even through official channels
The silence crawls out from AGC
It tells a different story

It is the dishonesty
When the charges are right there
In black and white in the documents
The trails aren't easily kept in the bed

A motion is file in Parliament
Will it see the light of day?
The speaker will not dare allow it
He will say it is irrelevant

An honest man will not run
He will take the bull by its horns
He will challenge his detractors
But we don't see the war drums

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