Friday, March 03, 2017

chasing money is the new witch

The Malay witches of my time
Those young years I had been through
When I was naughty my mother would say
I send you to see the Malay witches
Let them make a magic out of me!”

In the young minds the witches would be
Stole the young minds caged them in
Let them stay quiet and obedient
No more playing truant and naughty
It was only in the young
The black witch-craft still exits today
The black art catering to the desperate
They are willing to pay to get their fills
But nothing is going for free
There is a penalty to be paid

Most will ask for love potion
The black art will be easily sold
I had seen how it happened
A normal person could turn mad
Without reason or justification
The person had a vacant stare
Hitting with sharp needles
Nothing would cause pain
It was just a plain blank look

The years of the young
They would behave when mentioning of witches
Watch your legs, hands and face
Don't let the witches smell you are there”
The mothers would shout at the children
Let them remember the bad will be dealth with

The story of witches
I don't hear much today
Maybe there are many things to do
Chasing material wealth says it so
Leaving love and conquests in the back room
Chasing money is the new witch

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