Thursday, March 02, 2017

the main actor

The main actor has no script to say
He walks with his solemn face
Sometimes he may smile hiding his fear
Let the people know he can be trusted

The script is left to his apple polishers
They will say and sing the best attributes
On the main actor walking on the stage
By doing it they hope to curry favours

On the ground the hound dogs will bark
In the days in the nights in everywhere
They want the people to know
The opponents are writing a bad script

They have nothing to share
The hound dogs bark together
Snarling at the opponents
Watching the stage for the signal

There is nothing to show
The opponents holding up the news clippings
The bad review on the acting on stage
It brings no good cheer to the ground

The main actor on the stage
He doesn't care what the critics say
He gets his publicity in the media
He knows he will sink in history

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