Sunday, March 05, 2017

the old malay woman

By the bank of the Klang river
The flow of water muddy orange glow
There she was sat there alone
With her hook, pole and basket
The old Malay woman waited

Around her she could hear
The moving vehicles on the Klang double bridge
Upper deck for the motor vehicles
While lower deck for pedestrians and cyclists

The old Malay woman under the shade of trees
A lonely figure holding her pole waiting for the pull
Once the fish forgot the old woman would gain
The long waiting time fishes to bring home

Many people would stop at the bridge
Watch the river maybe hoping to glimpse crocodiles
But it never happened as it was just rumour
It made the public eager to catch a glimpse

The old Malay woman after a while
She got up collected her basket of fishes
She walked away back home to where she came

About crocodiles she had no idea
She had been fishing for a while
Those were the years in Klang
Now the double deck bridge became history

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