Sunday, March 05, 2017

the people who hold the hope to change

The Taliban leaders
They hide in political camouflage
They have shown their desires
The long shadows of their deep secrets

They keep a low profile
For years to carve out their needs
The colourful nation of many colours
They can't engineer their desires

Now the red and white flocks
They are drowning in need of help
The kiss of power eroding away
The Taliban leaders jump to the wagon

They pull the galloping horses
Pulling the ropes to a stop
The red and white leaders give a promise
They will be on a common page

It is so that we read
The weaknesses ring in the administration
The swallowing of pride and principles
The kiss of power they can't let go

The wrong approaches
The desire to have continuous supply of power
The red and white will fall into the fire
The green moon will disappear to lick its wounds

The nation of colourful people
They will not get fooled and go astray
The signs are around for a better choice
It is the people who hold the hope to change

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