Saturday, March 04, 2017

the taliban eagle

The Taliban eagle flies
Pick its prey
Flapping wings in the sky
The eyes of clear power

The small birds will hide
In the camouflage of leaves
The Taliban eagle with its vision eyes
Once it sees the missile dives

The high speed fall
The singing wind in its feathers
Diving towards its prey
Once the Taliban eagle sees

Now the Taliban eagle
He thinks he can take it all
Spewing his make up reasons
The truth he wants the cake

The 1,001 Arabian Nights
The Taliban eagle will never forget
He will try to tell his long tales
Flapping his hands pointing to his cake

The hunters wait
With pens and papers to write
The story of the fallen
It has to happen in time

The Taliban eagle flies
The bullets sing
It nosedives rapidly
Kissing its world goodbye

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