Friday, October 19, 2007


This is a positive approach on NURIN ALERT. What is gone would remain a memory of someone special who came for igniting something in our hearts and minds then that someone special left a mark to multiply into many prints reaching out to every part of the country. The fire is burning though small now but with many like minded people getting involved it will turn into a positive plan to help others facing similar heartaches in searching for their loved ones. Crimes happen every day; this is a fact nobody could hide from it. With NURIN ALERT it is hope it could reduce the crime index in the country. The young ones are very easily conned into following strangers. They dont see threat; they see helpful guardians to help or play with them not knowing that these strangers are out to catch them for other purposes with their lives.

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Shimi Lara said...

Hi bro just want to alert about the latest issue of TELL magazine. It's all about NURIN Alert. Blog about it and let everyone know.