Thursday, March 02, 2017

the hit women

The hit women
Were they train to kill?
Looking at the brief background
They seemed innocent in the process

One said she was in a prank
A short film to create a ruse
She thought it was a job to fame
Playing a part in public

The other woman may have known her role
She cut off her hair to hide her appearance
Leaving her trail in the budget hotel room
Though she may not be a trained assassin

When the kill was done
They were left to fend for themselves
The 4 bad eagles took flight
They flew to Jakarta, Dubai, Russia and back home

Now the police have the two women
They will say it is a prank
One was paid US$400 for her acting
It will hard to believe their roles

The diplomatic hiccups
It will drag on for a while
The rogue nation leaders
They don't take lightly

The police must be prepared
The bad elements may slip in quietly
The creating of chaos in the city
Sometimes it is good to give a little leeway

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