Wednesday, March 01, 2017

the small catches

The small and medium prawns
Getting caught in the net
As the Macc fishermen rolling in
Beating their chests hitting the drums

Sailing back to the shore
The villagers flock in to watch
The Macc fisherment put it up
Let the villagers see the catch

The big and fat prawns
The Macc fishermen can't explain
They don't get it to the bottom
When they see the waves rising high

The villagers whisper
We can't barbeque it
It is too small to make the grade
We need the big fat prawns to trade”

The Macc fishermen feels let down
We brave the wind and the waves
Catching these prawns in secret”
Give us the big fat prawns”

The villagers walk away
Whispering their dissatisfaction
The Macc fishermen hold on to their catch
Maybe there is another place to try”
We should sail to Bamboo River
It is said there will be plenty to sell
We should bring our catches there
We may get a decent price”

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