Monday, June 13, 2016

don't live in the past

Pas obsessed with Hudud law
The party thinks everyone will like it
It is back to the old and ancient times
The party better moves into gear

Living in the past laws
It has been used and see what happen?
The seat of power the party crazes
It isn't about religion

It is about control
A human trait wanting to rule
Crafting fear into the minds
It will never be effective

The Islamic faith people
Look around and see for yourself
Religions mix with politics
It is human nature to control

We have enough criminal laws
Running into our lives in decades
There are elements of hudud law in it
We don't need Pas hudud law

The Federal Constitution forbids it
Pas with support of Amno baru try the backdoor
Amno baru done it before in Perak
But the sink hole will knock it off

Don't be cows
Get caged most of the times
Let go on public or weekend holidays
Roaming free and cow dung on the streets

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