Wednesday, June 22, 2016

there is no something new

The dust has settled down
The sound of speeches gone
The voters returned to life of normalcy
Living from day to day

There is no something new
It is still harping on hudud law
One party tried hard to say
Even invoking God to deliver

But the party forgets
Religion shouldn't mix in politics
It will never bring good fortune
It will bring separation into a one way street

The open corruption seemed in play
Giving out cash for transportation
Who is kidding whom?
EC would seem turn a blind eye

Now to fulfill the promises said
The winners have to make it happen
It will drag on month to month
Lack of funds or something

Then the whisper of discontent
Those we can't stand alone for long
The promises will be blowing like the wind
Once it came so windy now it is gone

The battle of change
It will be fought in 2018
This is the real issue

The people have to decide

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