Saturday, June 25, 2016

the baggage of ills

The voters never let the nation down
On the record they say to get the promises
The Bee Anne leaders will have to fulfilled
They will wait to get the benefits

Right on cue the Bee Anne leaders say
The opponents can't stay together
The fractured relationship how to rule?
The hounding faces appear

Let Bee Anne feel the glow
The lights will dim on the final run
Don't they realize it is on borrowed time?
The wheel of change will arrive

Go on and spin lies
Divide the people; use all the laws
The clock is ticking away
Bee Anne doesn't have the time to play

The worrying faces behind the doors
They know the end is closing in
They know the signs the bad things keep on beating
The bags are packed jet planes on standby

The nation needs a fresh air
Too much of the old stinks her nose
The baggage of ills affecting her house
She can't stand it she needs a change

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