Wednesday, June 15, 2016

the stairways to nowhere

The stairways to nowhere
It's in the mind as it reflects
Of life meanders stopping awhile
Looking at the crossroad where it will go

Some will say make your plan
Stay on it and look for the result
It will take awhile before it is done
But we don't have the luxury of time

Look at the lonely people
Out there looking for mates
But work seems to take over
Leaving not much free time

The stairways to nowhere
Some have so many plans
Trying to hit at every target
They hope to hit the bull's eye

But they forget to realize
Plans need to change or revise
Nothing should stay permanent
When circumstances change

The stairways to nowhere
Plans need to change or revise
Don't be afraid to admit failure
It will be a good start to begin

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