Wednesday, June 22, 2016

we have our differences and values

The traditionalists most have gone
They lived in a closet family and values
Everyone has to follow the lead
The obedience cultures instilled

The baby boomers came
After the 2nd World War
The flowers people, drugs and free sex
They lived the life of no restrictions

The Generation X arrived
Some may live in part of baby boomers
Believing the freedom to enjoy
But the burden to bridge the gaps

The Generation Y knocked doors
They can't stay still; their minds keep moving
They want to get into easy life quickly
Nothing to do with tradition or baby boomers

The Generation Z in teen years
Coming to age quickly
Play with gadgets with skilful fingers
They live with it

But the songs will bridge the gap
Every generation through the decades
The music will take them on a journey

Bringing them back and forward march

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