Saturday, June 11, 2016

wives battery

Wives battery shouldn't be allowed
It is fear of the dominant male
He is afraid of losing his control
He uses the physical force to say

He can't stand he is wrong
He will not admit his weaknesses
Though his wife or girlfriends may say
The fear of losing his role makes him worst

He may have a high paying job
He may wear coat and tie
But the fear in his mind
When he is questioned by his women

The physical force of abuses
He has lost his plot to shield his women
He has lost his image as a man
A shield he has broken

A wife shouldn't take it
She shouldn't keep quiet
She mustn't allow herself be the punching bag
This is a disease of the mind

She has to cut the ties
Painful as it may sound in her ears
She has to do it for her own safety
She has to let her marriage go

Though the male may say he is sorry
A wife mustn't believe a word he says
The disease will return and bigger blows
A wife should go and live elsewhere

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