Saturday, June 11, 2016

we can't just pretend

The tin sheet roof houses
Sitting along the land facing the sea
Occupied on a land given by the state
This is the Burmese or Thai community

They came to help in the election
Those were the decades the rumours spread
How true it was let the politicians answer?
They are still living on the land

In time relatives came
Building up the community
Twice there were fires
Yet the Burmese community stays

By now they could have become citizens
For the assistance on the elections
Many on the islands would say
It is to help in the elections

How true it is?
Let the politicians answer
The current trends seem happening
The illegals become the voters claimed

We have to change this regime
Too many illegal walls cemented it up
We don't seem to know many
Until foreign medias telling us why

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