Thursday, June 30, 2016

the mighty will fall

The Titanic was unsinkable
Once in the ocean sailing
Nature took control
The Titanic sunk many lives lost

In European Cup
England could win over Iceland
With the expensive stars in the squad
But Iceland wrote her story

Iceland is a small nation
A population over 300,000
Britain has over 66 million
English players couldn't make it

Back home Bee Anne doesn't see
The leaders think they will stay forever
They have the largest membership
They think they can crush opponents

Bee Anne forgets about history
Empires fell rapidly
Political parties too suffered
Majority but how it fell

David and Goliath
The moment of truth and flourish
The right moment to make history
The story of the small man

The walls are crumbling
Though repairing works done
The unity will not hold it longer
It is built on cash is king

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