Wednesday, June 29, 2016

arrogance knows no bounce

Arrogance knows no bounds
The way of public services
The leaders should be humble and nice
But we see the other way round

The ground has cracked
The arrogant leaders still talk big
Come a day they will realize
In Bamboo River they will hide

The divide and rule
It hasn't changed till today
The arrogant leaders still behave
The cronies back the way

It has to change
A new party will take control
A different way to manage
The nation needs it badly

Of course the arrogant leaders will say
Don't rock the boat row with us
Together we will climb to seek our vision”
But they do the back doors too often

It is better to change
Get a new mapping to progress
We must have our destiny in our hands
This is our country; this is our lives

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