Wednesday, June 08, 2016

the shadows play

The Bee Anne coalition partners
A few days ago you made your threats
On the Hudud Bill leapfrogged to be tabled
But Hadi got cold feet asking for time!

Now you ask the non-Malays
Swing to Bee Anne to protect your interests
Bee Anne will fight against Hudud Bill
It shouldn't even be raised in Parliament

You forgot to mention
It was Amno baru leaders who decided
To table the bill to be on the top list
They didn't consult you guys did they?

I doubt very much
The swing of the non-Malay voters
They know what you are planning
You will get the red paint on your faces!

Search your mind
Why support a corrupt regime?
The scandals hitting us with shame
And you are still playing games!

Though I will say
Win or lose in these by elections
It really makes no difference
Only bring the scandals home to the people

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