Wednesday, June 22, 2016

the waterloo in 2018

The anti-Najib campaign
Bee Anne leaders will say
Everything to derail its objectives
Even they say it has failed

Maybe the leaders believe
The winning of the two by-elections
It spells the loss of the campaign
It's the calling cards pushing through

Let the people hear
If they don't want to change
Let them suffer in time
In 2 years time they will realize

Winning or losing in the 2 by-elections
It makes no difference in the nation's affairs
It will still be controlled by Bee Anne
What's there to say about swinging votes?

The billions ringgit scandals
The rural folks shouldn't ignore
The draconian laws and now NSC
The breeding ground for aedes mosquitoes

Let Bee Anne leaders sing
Until the ground breaks away
Let them be at sea
Never see the leaks still celebrating

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