Saturday, June 25, 2016

the changing is putting marks

The demon's crusade
Into every port of call
The good ones are chased away
Leaving the bad to handle cases

The easy picking has arrived
The eyes of the bad finally hit jackpot
The picking of the earlier ones
It was peanut in the account

It has to happen
It has to be seen
It has to go the distance
It has to let the people see

The crumbling walls begin
There is no turning back the clock
The demons will meet the fall
Into the cauldron of fire

Now they can say
Talk big and stay arrogant
It has to happen
It has to be seen

The democratic dictator
He clears his desk for the new
He thinks he will stay on forever
A mistake he will live to suffer

The changing is putting marks
In every corner of the minds
There is the time of the change
Impossible but it will have

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