Friday, June 24, 2016

don't leave your child in a car

Don't cry in pain
The boy has gone
In the place he hasn't known
Leaving the world he knew

It isn't his fault
The parent left him in the SUV
With running engine
What she was thinking?

Many times have been said
Don't leave your child alone in the car
With running engine smog get into it
It will cause pain and tragedy

The boy climbed over to the driver's seat
Monkeys see monkey do in a child eyes
Push the gear into place the car moves
He got panic jumped out of the car

Before he knew what was happening
The SUV rolled over and pinned him
He surrendered his life in scream and pain
Leaving his world he didn't want to go yet

To atone of his carelessness
His body parts were donated
Giving others a chance to live
It may help to ease his parents pain

Don't leave your children in the cars
You may not know what demons will play
By the time you come back to see
There may be no children playing

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