Thursday, June 16, 2016

the playground of lies

The playground of lies
By the trees and the swings
The shadows of the sun rays
The reflections of our lives

Ahead the chirping birds
Flying from tree to tree
The freedom they say
It beats all things else

You can feel the wind
Flapping sound as you fly
That's freedom friends
Up in the air

On the playground of lies
We hear the soothing words
In Kelantan there is no lie
The hudud law subtles applications

On the Non-Muslims
The separation of sexes
In many ways in the State
Cinemas, hair academy, supermarkets

The Muslim parties don't say
The hidden agenda in their minds
Once they get the hudud law in their hands
Nothing will stop them to apply

It is better they follow
The rules of the Federal Constitution
This is a secular nation
And it shall stay that way

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