Sunday, June 12, 2016

the aging elders

The aging elders
It is a reality in the nation
There is no escape by 2030
The over 60s retire to watch sunset

Many may have a fruitful life
Living in comfort in their homes
Of the ringing voices of grandchildren
The smiling faces of their children

They can spend time
Idling away for some
Time to do something worthwhile
Maybe catching up with books

The aging elders
Some aren't lucky
They will be struggling
Until they get knocked away

Some will be abused
When they can't contribute to the homes
The children will take out on them
They are at their mercy; they have no income

But current laws are inadequate
The doctors can't pursue or help
They will get the treatment
The children will see to that

The aging elders
Some enjoy their lives
Majority will be sad
Living in fear; afraid to get kicked out

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