Wednesday, June 08, 2016

the child sex predators

The child sex predators
It has been around a long time
Yet our lawmakers still never learn
They only wake up when something bad happens

It is always the reactionary action they display
Don't they read about cases in the Western countries?
Or they think it will not happen in the Eastern nations?
When the truth hit the shore, they jump up getting angry!

Now they start talking of stiffer punishment
Where are they when other countries talk on child sex predators?
Maybe thinking how to hold to power and gravy train?
They better think of how to stop the human trafficking too

It takes one major case on child sex abuses
We should thanks to Richark Huckle to make them realize
The child sex predators have landed on our shore
The paedophiles work on the innocence

Now it is the diversion of our internal problems
The major scandals still in our minds
The child sex predators are to cloud our eyes
The country ills at the top must be changed and charged

But again we will hear
The noises and drums beating
After a while there will be silent
We have to change we can't be talking

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