Sunday, June 19, 2016

the beggars

The beggars on the streets
Sitting by the corridors
Waiting near the mosques
They know they will
The alms of the well-wishes
A ringgit here or there
In time the beggars become rich
On the flow of sympathy
The supposedly religious people
Giving alms to the unfortunates
They will receive credits in time
But the beggars find the easy way
They get the monies for doing nothing
Let the time wasting away
Let us see their sorrowful faces
Are they pretending or are they controlled by syndicates?
Of course there are real beggars
The poor health and conditioned they are in
It is the government should step in to help
But we find the government leaders aren't in there
They have other issues to benefit them
The beggars on the streets
They are on their own
Maybe working with syndicates
Fooling the public for alms

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