Thursday, June 30, 2016

the glaring truth

The glaring truth
The dig up as many dirt as possible
Finding ways to mark a charge
Though it reads lack of substance

It is in the opposition camp
What else is new in framing the charges?
Though AGC and Macc know
It is merely to paint a tainted flow

Like the one we find on the walls
Where the rowdy boys will paint
In the wee hours of the dim morning
Feeling good to make their artistic pursuit

A few billions dollar man
There is no digging there is no interrogation
By his word of merely a donation
It is only disclose when foreign news spread

Everything is kept quiet
The round up of the players
Cut them away to fend for themselves
Afraid to face the truth

As of today he is walking free
The few billions dollar man
There is no framing of charges
Every agency seems to stay quiet

The people are watching
Knowing what to do next election
The city and town folks will know it
It is only the rural folks lack conviction

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