Saturday, June 18, 2016

it isn't about a race

Chinese; Malay; Indian
The race will not go away
The cultures will stay with us
Brewing the juices hot to our taste
But we can't run away
We can't let other races downgrade our values
For we are Malaysians right through

We can't hide it under political dominance
Playing the ground with subtle ways to confuse
The rights of each race in the Constitution
This isn't the way to unite a nation
The coalition partners better wake up now
Time to take the matter seriously

Coating sweet words on hudud bill
Saying it will not affect the Non-Muslims
Kelantan is a good example how it is done
The subtle ways to bring in the Non-Muslims
And the coalition partners still singing the same tune!
Blaming the opposition but not themselves

Even institutions of higher learning
The play cards have arrived in our minds
The dominant factor gallops into the open
Without a care for the feeling of others
The coalition partners better wake up now
Before you too will become irrelevant

The pursuit of a want
It must be together or none at all
It isn't about a dominant race
It is about partnership to progress
It isn't about a race
It is for the nation and her colourful people

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