Monday, June 13, 2016

the haunted houses

The haunted houses
You can see no life on it
The houses are left to decay
No souls; no future; no takers

Sometimes we hear of tragedies
Befallen on the owners of the houses
Cut down by gang fights or rivalries
They get murdered or committed suicides

The crying souls asking for deliverance
They can't find it they die too eagerly
They stay on in the houses waiting for the times
It is a long haul they have to wait

Nature will creep over
The natural instincts of abandoned homes
In times people will talk about it
The haunted houses stay in the news

Don't go in if you are weak
The ghosts will take over your body
It is said of the gambling addicts
They don't fear they ask for favours

The haunted houses
Once you enter you can feel the coldness
You will get the feeling of watching
You will feel your hairs seem to stand up

The haunted houses
The ghosts will make you
Feel the world of their existence
Don't go in if you are weak

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