Thursday, June 16, 2016

the gay people

The gay people
They have their rights to live
To enjoy the freedom in this world
The normal people shouldn't think otherwise

The religious clerics shouldn't say bad
Once they do they have committed sin
Don't they get it in their minds?
God's children only God decides

How do you balance your scriptures?
The compassion for your fellow beings?
You pray many times every day
Whatever religion you profess

We can't pass judgement
We have no right to take lives
Once you think about it
The sin will crawl into your record

We are born to live and test our faiths
Do you know why we all die?
The wages of sin is death
We fail many times in our lives

The gay people
They have a tough time to blend in
In the society full of prejudices
This is our test of faith but many fail

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