Tuesday, June 07, 2016

finding a match isn't easy

There is the lonely man
He drives to work everyday
A salesperson is his profession
The gift of words he has

He drives around the states
Sometimes even going down to Singapore
All on his work to earn his living
But he says he can't girlfriends

Let us called him Alex
He tries hard to find his mate
Everywhere he drives to
He hopes he will meet his match

He has no such luck
He is alone as he is
I met him in Ali's corner
Sharing of work and experience

He can speak 3 languages
English, Chinese and Malay
Yet he can't find his match
In his line of work

Salesperson as I knew
They had girlfriends everywhere
They had the gift of words
They knew how to catch the women's needs

But here is the lonely Alex
Driving every state for his work
He can't find his match
Maybe it isn't time yet

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