Sunday, June 19, 2016

alone we will not win or prosper

The Chinese will gamble
Until the day they die
The materialism in their minds
They will smile on the money
They play in casino, lottery and shares
They want the wealth
So they will take risks
Win or die

The Malays will sleep
Watch the world go by
They want to be spoon fed
Even crumbs they will say
As long as they don't sweat
They want to marry many
Sex is always on their minds
Women will make them fall
They say women are at fault
So the women must cover up
Else the men will get confuse!

The Indians will drink
The toddy in the shops
Until they get all drunk
Sleeping on the pavements
They don't care what they do
Tomorrow seems so far away
Have toddy with me
We will tell you stories”

Is this how we see?
The races we live and share?
We have our faults
We should share and make the flow
Help each other to make the grade
Alone we will not win or prosper
The nation will suffer
We will be the losers!

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