Thursday, June 09, 2016

broken eggs can be replace

The eggs in the basket
He holds it by his hands
As he walks he sways
He forgets about his eggs

The light shines on him
He walks with thoughts in his head
The many lies he had exchanged
Now he looks at his eggs in the basket

A young cyclist pedals by
From the T-junction he never stops
He cycles through and knocks
The man with his eggs in the basket

What have you done?
I lost all my eggs in the basket”
I am sorry I am sorry
I ring my bell but you walk to me”

The boy picks himself up
With his bicycle he pedals on
Hey what about my eggs?”
He throws him some cash

The man looks at his empty basket
A loss he gets his cash though he curses
He has to walk back to the market
Under the hot sun he walks on again

A change is needed
Though the nation stays on
The people mustn't be worried
Broken eggs can be replace

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