Wednesday, June 01, 2016

the bad hats in politics

The bad hats in politics
They want the power and wealth
They don't have the time for the people
They just want to make a fast gateaway

When they sit on the throne
The power base they can do no wrong
They will infiltrate all the agencies
Distributing crumbs and projects

They feed them the fear
They feed them the monies
As long as they are hooked up
These addicts can't say the right way

The bad hats in leadership
They will control the flow of funds
The addicts have no way to escape
Cold turkey treatment they cringe

The bad hats in politics
They put up smiling faces
Behind the masks they will take
The wealth of the nation and escape

The agency of people
Cowed by the fear and addiction
They think of the loss to themselves
They afraid to make the right connections

The bad hats in politics
They will run them over so easily
As the main support is in the bag
They aren't afraid to perform publicly

But the bad hats forget
The nation of people aren't blinded in it
The people will unit to forge the change
It has to happen when things are really bad

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