Wednesday, June 01, 2016

we will never know

Running for money; running for power
The eyes and mind see it as of right
The easy living and grandeur of a life
Losing soul hit in the darkness
Does it worth it in the end?

Live by the money
Die with it
Live by the power
Die with it
There is no forever
It is just a reflection

Life is a journey; it isn't a destination
Once a life is over on this land
There is another one to travel
But that is the problem to all of us
We will never know if there is

Most of us will have our sins
We will be dead buried in the deep hole
Forever we will be there not knowing when
The time to reborn; the time to go again

Only 2 persons had risen from the dead
If we are to believe the story of ancient times
But we are hopeful that is the truth of paradise
The second chance in life to pursue
The changes in our lives; we can fly

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