Saturday, June 04, 2016

the shame on us

The shame on us
We feel it all the times
Our agencies pick and choose
It depends who you are

Our scandals running to a halt
The red dot glaring at us
The agencies walk on a snail pace
Pretending they don't see any wrong

The agencies are efficient chasing
The whistleblowers of a scandal
They will come down on their investigations
When direct link to the culprit they don't see

Other foreign countries are hunting
The crooks who played in their systems
The money laundering moving around in accounts
The crooks try to hide their ill-gotten wealth

Here we see
The agencies put a stop to its investigations
They don't see any wrong in it
The nation's cry they close up ears

For how long it will hide?
The truth will turn up the heat
The maze of dealings will be exposed
The sins can't be hidden for long

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